Pint Of Science 2018 (#POS18)

In May this year, as in the previous one, I had the chance to take part in Pint Of Science (POS) which is a festival that delivers interesting and relevant talks on the latest scientific research in an accessible format to the public across pubs, not only in the UK. For more details please refer to

This year topic was “The equilibrium of being human” and the abstract is here summarised.

“Our body is in equilibrium when there is no change in motion or applied external forces. In athletic performance and daily life, maintaining equilibrium during movement is of primary importance to balance control and postural stability. As such, many physiological and sensory systems must become active to achieve equilibrium. However, these are challenged in athletics, ageing and disease.
This talk will explore the muscular and neurological systems that co-operate to maintain balance and equilibrium, what you can do to improve balance and why these systems fail in ageing.”

In one of the oldest and famous pubs of Bournemouth, the Chaplin’s bar along with other researchers and members of the public we had the chance to discuss our studies, answer questions, drive audience curiosity and solve possible concerns.
It was a magic night and if you would like to have a taste of it the slides are now available on Youtube.

I am looking forward to the next activity which is going to be The Festival of Learning where I will present the four pillars of health and functional fitness.

Air Festival 2017

The Bournemouth Air Festival is an annual air show held along the coast at Bournemouth. It has featured aircraft from the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy, as well as civil aviation displays.
This year I took part in the event, of course not as a pilot but as a researcher.

Bournemouth University has organised a great event in within the air festival: The scientific Tent. In which side by side researchers from BU and South Hampton University explained their research to the public.



It was a great opportunity to learn about biodiversity, engineering, biology, archaeology and of course physiology.

I am thankful to the people who helped me with my table. I find the experience rewarding as I got in contact with the people from Bournemouth explaining what inspiratory muscle training is how important is to practice physical exercise on a daily basis.



Festival of Learning – 2017

We did it!

Also in 2017 thanks to Bournemouth University, I had the opportunity to volunteer for the Festival of Learning

Here is what we have done:

8 July – A-mazing student research, organised by Hannah Jones.
o    Description: Fancy getting lost in our research maze? Join us inside the maze for a chance to see some of the fantastic work that BU students are doing to make an impact in the world around them. The only question is – will you turn left or right?

I actively participate in this event by explaining what the human balance is, why is important to prevent a fall accident in our older adult community and the latest intervention of falls prevention.

9 July – Falls prevention: how good is your balance,  organised by me.
o    Description: Balance is the body`s ability to stay upright and control of movement. It is necessary for all daily activities, but over time, adults lose this ability, The interactive drop-in session will show the importance of falls prevention, testing your balance with simple but fun tests. Come and learn more about your balance and what you can do to avoid a falls.

With help from  Dr James Gavin, PRG Yolanda Barrado-Martin, PRG Iram Bibi, PRG Eduardo Carbonell we brought the balance, strength and cognitive tests in the fantastic quay of Poole.

10 July – Orthopaedic research institute: Expert talks, organised by Tom Wainwright.
o    Description: Expert speakers invited by BU`s Orthopaedic Research Institute will share the insight of the latest developments in orthopaedic patient care. Join us to find out about the most recent expertise through a series of informative, fun and entreating presentation.
I actively participate in this event by demonstrating how new VICON technology works.

It was a formative, challenging and fun experience.

Watch our video on youtube:

I hope to see you all in 2018!