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Exercise counselling

Respiratory muscle training 

Balance traninng

Research topics

May 2019

The effects of 8 weeks of inspiratory muscle training on the balance of healthy older adults: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

To examine the effects of 8-week unsupervised, home-based inspiratory muscle training (IMT) on the balance and physical performance of healthy older adults...

F.Ferraro, J. Gavin, T. Wainwright, A. McConnell.

November 2019

Impact of sport training on healthy behavior in a group of 108 adolescents: a pilot study using S.M.A.R.T. questionnaire

Sport participation is associated with positive developmental outcomes. Adolescents involved in organized sport training show greater health-related quality of life, a most favourable cardio-metabolic and ...

F.I. Ambra, F. Ferraro, V. Ferra, S. Basile, F. Girardi, M. Menafro, M.L. Iavarone.

April 2018

Effects of eight weeks inspiratory muscle training on the balance of healthy community-dwelling older adults

The diaphragm works as a postural muscle both indirectly, by increasing intra-abdominal pressure to support the spine, and directly, by continuous co-contraction to assist...

F. Ferraro, J. Gavin, T. Wainwright

A. McConnell.

About Dr Ferraro


I had practised sport from a very young age, starting with swimming for Posillipo Napoli and Karate for five years until before high school when I became a member of professional basketball team Partenope first and Rosso Maniero later.  Later, I played water polo with the team Scandone for three years while at university and worked as communication and press office manager for Filema Publishing House.

With time, becoming more and more passionate about sports training, I became a trainer member of the Italian Federation of Weightlifting (FIPE) and decided to move to Rome.

There I became an undergraduate student at the most important university of sports science in Italy: the University of Rome Foro Italico (IUSM). 

Dr Francesco Ferraro

Physiologist and Kinesiologist

Research Office

University of Derby 

University of Derby Kedleston Rd, Derby DE22 1GB,

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