Meet Francesco


Hi, welcome to my website. Here you will find information about myself, what I did and what I do, what other people say about my work and how to contact me.

My name is Francesco, and I have practice sports all my life. When I was a kid, I used to swim and play Karate until before high school when I discovered my first sport-love: Basketball that I have played to an agonist level with the Parthenope team and then with Rosso Maniero, both in Naples, Italy.  However, because the training session and the games were dragging attention and time away from college, I had to give up the agonist level. 


I then moved to water polo with the team Scandone (Naples, Italy), where I played for three years. But, again, this time the university and my job as communication and press office manager for Filema Ed, were leaving me with not enough time to practice (I have always been very competitive and I needed to practice to be in the first-string) . Therefore, I took a step back from the group's sports,  but I refuse to give up and leave the sports' environment. Thus, I dedicate myself to my second sport-love: iron training.


With times this passion grew strong to the point that I became a trainer member for the Italian Federation of Weightlifting (FIPE) and decided to study sports science, so I moved to Rome, where I applied to the University of Rome Foro Italico (IUSM), which is the most important university of sports science in Italy. 


I quickly passed both the practical and theoretical tests, and for three years I had the opportunity to work and learn in a great environment. I will never forget these years, I have learned so much regarding self-discipline and sports practice. I still remember those years has the happiest periods of my life, and I still feel myself belonging to the IUSM.



When I completed my BSc, I moved to a new challenge. Coming back to Naples to work side by side with the Neurology Professor and Doctor Sorrentino who, at that time, had one of the most advanced gait lab in Italy.  It was a great experience where I have completed my Master degree (with Hons) in one and a half year when it usually lasts a minimum of two years.



From this experience, I have learned a lot about the science behind the curtain and how it can help and improve human performance in sports as well as in health environments. During these years, first in Rome and then in Naples, I have never stopped working, and I remember with joy the satisfaction of being a football and a basketball head coach, not to mention the happiness achieved by teaching how to lift weights during my experiences as a physical instructor.



When my Master degree ended, I had the opportunity of my life: a PhD position to work on inspiratory muscle training with Professor McConnell, Dr Gavin, and Professor Wainwright. This experience is not concluded yet, and I am currently completely immersed in it. 



Being a researcher in sports science as always been my dream and having the opportunity to work alongside great minds on physiologic and biomechanic topics motives me to stay hungry for knowledge and ready to embrace new challenges.



What is the sport for me?

Movement, competition, and satisfaction. It is a way to learn more about yourself and others. I strongly believe that we all need to practice sports, regardless of age or starting level.



What is my aim?

Research, understand and communicate the things I love the most: sports and science. Having the opportunity to combine them is fantastic. Learning every day something new and then communicate it with peers, athletes and no experts drive my curiosity and my passion.


Curriculum vitae

If you are interested in reading my updated CV you can now download it here