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Festival of Learning 2016

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

The Festival of Learning (FOL) is at its fifth year and runs from Saturday 8th to Wednesday 12 July, in Bournemouth and Poole. With over 140 events and activities, we will learn about health science, psychology, palaeontology, sports science, cybernetic, medicine and lots more!

I already helped last year (2016) in two activities:

  1. For the Research Staff Association – Making a difference through research, research with impact. For which I made a small presentation about my research, discussing methodology, outcomes and impact on future studies. It was a great opportunity, and I met other great researchers from BU.

  2. I helped in a drop-in activity about the importance of sport exercises for health and wellness in which Dr James Gavin, organised a battery of tests (i.e. time up and go, functional reach, five sit to stand). We met the community of Bournemouth, and it was great to see so many people get involved with excitement about research, thrilling to learn more about the importance of sport for their wellness.

Here a small video about the activities of 2016:

This year, I am going to participate in two events:

  1. On the 8th I will be in Talbot Campus explaining the latest research on falls prevention for the activity: A-mazing student research.

  2. On the 10th I will be at the Orthopedic Research Institute for the activity: Expert Talks, in which expert speakers invited by BU’s Orthopedic Research Institute will share insights on the latest development in orthopaedic patient care.

I also have personally worked on a third activity, which will take place at Poole Quay on the 9th, collaborating with Yolanda Barrado-Martin, Iram Bibi, Eduardo Carbonell on falls prevention:

Falls Prevention: How good is your balance – Balance is the body’s ability to stay upright and in control of movement. It is necessary for all daily activities, but over time, adults lose it. The interactive drop-in session will show the importance of falls prevention, testing your balance with simple and fun tests. Come and learn more about your balance and what you can do to avoid a fall.

I am sure this is going to be an exciting experience, and I hope to see you there, for more information, please contact Bournemouth University directly.

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