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Festival of Learning 2017

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

We did it!

Also in 2017 thanks to Bournemouth University, I had the opportunity to volunteer for the Festival of Learning

Here is what we have done:

8th of July – A-mazing student research, organised by Hannah Jones. Fancy getting lost in our research maze? Join us inside the maze for a chance to see some of the fantastic work that BU students are doing to make an impact in the world around them. The only question is – will you turn left or right?

I actively participate in this event by explaining what the human balance is, why is important to prevent a fall accident in our older adult community and the latest intervention of falls prevention.

9th July – Falls prevention: how good is your balance,  organised by me. Balance is the body`s ability to stay upright and control of movement. It is necessary for all daily activities, but over time, adults lose this ability, The interactive drop-in session will show the importance of falls prevention, testing your balance with simple but fun tests. Come and learn more about your balance and what you can do to avoid a falls.

With help from  Dr James Gavin, PRG Yolanda Barrado-Martin, PRG Iram Bibi, PRG Eduardo Carbonell we brought the balance, strength and cognitive tests in the fantastic quay of Poole.

10th July – Orthopaedic research institute: Expert talks, organised by Tom Wainwright. Description: Expert speakers invited by BU`s Orthopaedic Research Institute will share the insight of the latest developments in orthopaedic patient care. Join us to find out about the most recent expertise through a series of informative, fun and entreating presentation. I actively participate in this event by demonstrating how new VICON technology works.

It was a formative, challenging and fun experience.

Watch our video on youtube:

I hope to see you all in 2018!

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