These are some of what people have to say about me.

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Martina de Vivo

Francesco is a professional. The only personal coach able to restore the self-esteem I had lost. 


Years ago I was lucky enough to meet him, and I still do not know how I would have done without his support.

I have always had weight problems, but Francesco has solved them in a few months. With commitment and constancy.

He organises my training program; he prepares workout circuits designed for me,  that makes me extremely satisfied. 

Francesco loves his job, and he is always looking for new challenges. Trusting him was the best choice I could have made. 


Alessandro Di Somma

I met with Francesco around in 2014, and since then I keep following him.


He is a great personal trainer, but also a great friend. Always present despite the distance.


I live in Italy, and every day Francesco writes me to follow my workouts. Every training is studied in detail, and we often have fun challenging each other.


When I have difficulty, I send videos with the exercises made by himself. To date, my physical form has improved a lot, and I have to say thanks only to him for introducing me to a new way of doing gym.


Tonina Magliano

Knowing Francesco was a great pleasure, with his skills and attention for each person, he made me follow in love why the gym.

Thanks to Francesco I started to improve my body, getting excellent results.

Then, in the last year, I had to deal with cancer, that for a moment stopped from exercise. 

However, thanks to the years spent in the gym, my body was able to fight back, and soon I will start working out again.

Andrea Uras

Francesco is a fantastic coach, committed and precise; he writes every workout precisely adjusted to my needs.


During my 15 years in the gym environment, I never had the pleasure to meet someone so driven and passionate about his work.


It's astonishing his knowledge of every single muscle and how it interacts with the others.


He's the first coach who was able to manage an effective workout, for a hard gainer like me might be difficult and drive me to gain mass.

He does really care about his client and to get the work done properly.

I am looking forward to the next challenging board training.


Sachin Thahiru Shan

Francesco and I met in 2013. He was my coach for three years before he moved to the UK for work.

In that time he taught me about weightlifting and bodybuild and helped me to boost my discipline and self-confidence in the gym.

After he left he passed his passion to me to the point that I have become a PT my self.


Lorenzo Saturnino

I met Francesco when the gym and I were two opposite worlds. 


Thanks to Francesco passion and his tenacity he managed to teach me the love for Fitness. 


Francesco is one of those rare trainers who follow you step by step and even when you can't go to the gym anymore; he remains at your disposal to keep you from leaving the healthy-path. 

Ferraro Trainer is synonymous with quality, safety and warranty.